About Us

City Hall Systems is solely focused on serving the revenue collection needs of municipalities. Our management team has been developing software solutions for municipalities for over 20 years. Our company’s goal is to provide municipalities one-stop shopping for all of their collection needs. Our entrepreneurial spirit is driven by the motto: Any Payment, Any Place, Any Time!

Our ePresentment, ePayment, ePOS, and eBilling cloud solutions offer municipalities the complete suite of services necessary to collect any municipal revenues or services online. The hallmarks of our services are the underlying reporting modules that provide municipalities complete access to the online payment process. City Hall Systems online payment software and reporting modules are free to the municipality. There are no hidden fees or usage charges to pay. Taxpayers using our site are charged a low convenience fee per transaction, not per bill (a transaction can include unlimited number of bills). There are no extra fees for features like eBilling or user accounts. Finally, one online ePayment site to collect any of your municipality’s revenues and services from every department.


City Hall Systems invites the opportunity to work with your municipality to provide customize software solutions for your revenue collection needs. Our in-house team of software engineers will work with you to address any revenue collection need.


The hallmark of our services is our Best-In-Class customer support. City Hall Systems will provide customer support for all of its services, both to the municipality and the taxpayer. We will handle all taxpayer questions concerning the online ePayment site through both our in-house call center and available online chat feature.


All of this is back by the highest level of security. Our sites utilize Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology requiring both server authentication and data encryption. We also implement an advanced security method based on dynamic data and encoded session identifications. Our sites are hosted in a secure server environment that use firewalls and other advanced technology to prevent interference or access from outside intruders. Our website is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant. All credit/debit card and bank account payment information is encrypted on our website.